Speed Trailer

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The speed trailer is available for the communities and townships to use.  The speed trailer can be reserved for any of the following time slots:

  • Monday - Thursday  (picked up at 10 am Monday and returned by 9 am on Thursday)
  • Thursday - Monday (picked up on Thursday at 10 am and returned by Monday at 9 am)
  • Monday - Monday  (for 1 week picked up Monday at 10 am and returned the following Monday at 9 am)

To reserve the speed trailer you need to contact your city or township.

Required for use

  • You must have a secure, dry and clean building to store the unit when not in use.
  • Unit must not be left out past 9 pm.
  • Unit must be brought in if it rains or other inclement weather (it is not weather-proofed).
  • Unit must be charged up every night and before it is returned.
  • One individual from your city/township who will be the primary contact/set up person must be shown how to use the unit (that person can then show others at your facility).  If you have already been shown in the past you do not need to be shown again.
  • City or township is responsible for setting up, taking down and transporting the speed trailer

Also, there are additional instructions for general maintenance and operation that will be at the shop when you pick up the unit.  Reserve the trailer as far in advance as possible.