Licenses and Permits

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We will NOT be accepting Permit to Purchase applications (in person).  See below for mail/email instructions.

Permit to Carry applications are being taken by appointment only during this time.  To submit a Permit to Carry application, please call 952-361-1212 (Monday-Friday, 8AM-4:30PM) to schedule an appointment.


Permit to Purchase - This application is also available through the BCA.  Simply click the link, complete the application, print and email to Sheriff Permit to Purchase (  You must include a photocopy of your driver's license, as we can only accept applications from MN residents that live in Carver County.  Permits to Purchase can also be mailed to:

Carver County Sheriff's Office, 606 E. Fourth Street, Chaska, MN  55318   

ATTN:  Permit to Purchase


NOTE: Chaska residents are REQUIRED to contact the Chaska Police dept. for Permit to Purchase or Permit to Carry needs.


Permit to Carry - The application to carry a pistol is available through the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). Simply click on this link and arrive at the appropriate BCA web page. Please also note the frequently asked questions available, as well as applications available on the same page. 

Permit to Carry - Change of Address/Replacement Card: For Carver County issued permits, notify us via mail; you must send a completed first page of the Permit to Carry application, a copy of your updated MN driver’s license, or temporary paper copy from DMV, and a copy of your Permit to Carry card (incomplete applications will be denied). If you would like a new card, please enclose a check for $10 payable to Carver County.  You are not required to get a new card if your data changes. However, we recommend that you get a new card because most gun dealers will not sell to you if your permit to carry card and driver’s license addresses don’t match.

To submit a Permit to Carry application, please call 952-361-1212 (Monday-Friday, 8AM-4:30PM to schedule an appointment.

Permit to Carry - New or Renew Application: You must submit the following:

  1. A completed Minnesota Permit to Carry application:
  2. Provide an accurate photocopy of the certificate of completed authorized firearms training-dated within one year of the date of submitted application,
  3. Provide an accurate photocopy of your current driver’s license or state ID,
  4. If renewing a permit, provide photocopy of current Permit to Carry card
  5. FEES:  Cash or Check payable to Carver County:  New: $75, Renew: $50 (up to 90 days prior to expiration date), Late Renew: $60 (up to 30 days past expiration date).

Minnesota residents must apply at the Sheriff’s Office where they reside, out-of-state residents can apply at any Sheriff’s Office in Minnesota.


Liquor Licensing - Various licenses are available through the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Alcohol & Gambling Enforcement Division. Clicking the provided link will take you to the appropriate web-page. Once on that page, simply click on the link entitled (Documents and Applications), or use this link.