Mark Metz, County Attorney

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Mark Metz BiographyMark Metz is an experienced prosecutor.  Prior to being elected as the Carver County Attorney, Metz previously served as an assistant Carver County attorney and assistant McLeod County attorney for eleven years.  While with the Carver County attorney’s office for four years, Metz served as a hands-on prosecutor, prosecuting high profile cases such as the Chanhassen home invasion kidnapping case, the Gaylord Chief of Police for Misconduct of a Public Official, and a Wright county deputy for domestic assault with a gun.  Metz was the first prosecutor in Carver County to file criminal charges against an unknown suspect in the Chanhassen home invasion case using only the suspect’s DNA profile.  He has extensive jury trial experience, handled murder cases, and argued numerous cases at the Court of Appeals and Minnesota Supreme Court.  Metz’s experience spreads beyond just criminal prosecution.  For seven years in McLeod County, Metz handled child protection cases, civil matters, juvenile cases, and child support cases.  Metz has also served as a special assistant county attorney in Sibley County, Wright County and Scott County. 

Metz graduated with honors from William Mitchell College of Law.  He served as a member of the Law School’s Board of Trustees and its Alumni Board, including as its president.  When the law school’s Dean, Eric Janus, learned that Metz sought election as Carver County Attorney he stated:

"I was excited to hear Mark is running for county attorney.  Mark is a leader at the law school.  He inspires others with his passion, personable nature and sense of humor.  He leads by action and is guided by principles of teamwork, fairness and integrity.  I have no doubt that Mark will be a tremendous county attorney and serve the citizens of Carver County with the same leadership and passion he has served William Mitchell."

Metz’s experience has included serving as a volunteer ethics investigator for the Lawyer’s Board of Professional Responsibility and he is a past president of the Eighth District Bar Association.  He has been an adjunct law professor at William Mitchell College of Law for the past five years and frequent lecturer at Hamline Law School.   

Metz and his wife make their home in Victoria.