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Mark Metz
County Attorney

604 E. 4th Street
Chaska, MN 55318

(952) 361-1400

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm


Frequently Asked Questions

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I am a resident of Carver County. Can the Carver County Attorney's Office help me with a legal problem?
How can I find an attorney to represent me?
What if I cannot afford a private attorney?
What resources are there for legal assistance?
How do I contact Carver County Public Defender's Office?

Court Administration

I was given a ticket from the police/sheriff. Do I have to appear in court?
How do I pay a traffic citation (traffic ticket)?
I have a court date coming up, but forgot when it was. Can you tell me?
If I am a victim of a crime, do I have to come to court?
What happens when I appear in court as a victim?
If I am subpoenaed to court as a witness to a crime, what do I need to do?
How do I look up public court records?

Reporting a Crime

How do I report a crime?
What do I do if I suspect mistreatment of a vulnerable adult, such as physical or sexual abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation?
What should I do if I suspect child maltreatment, such as physical or sexual abuse, neglect?
If I report either adult or child abuse, and the report turns out to be unsubstantiated, can I get into trouble?
How do I get the Carver County Attorney's Office to address the issue of hazardous dumping?


How do I apply for child support or obtain paternity testing?
I want to talk to someone about child support. Who do I call?


Whom do I call regarding a landlord/tenant issue?
How can I look up statutes and case law?
How do I find a copy of Carver County Ordinances?
I have a worthless check. What should I do?
Carver County Curfew


How do I visit an inmate in the Carver County Jail?
I need to talk to my probation officer. How do I contact probation?

Employment Opportunities

The Carver County Attorney's Office seems like a great place to work and help serve community needs, how can I apply for employment at the Carver County Attorney’s Office?