State and Metropolitan Council plans for highway expansion for the next 20 years do not include Carver County.  Federal grant guidelines for highway projects virtually exclude Carver County.  Yet the County Engineer has identified 22 road and bridge projects as “high priorities” for the next 24 years.  Safety concerns elevated many of those projects.  Without those Federal and State funds, the County faces a budget gap of $128 Million to complete the high priority road and bridge projects.  In order to win matching State and Federal funds, the County would have to raise its own contribution.  To meet that budget gap and take care of those high priority roads and bridges, the County is considering an increase of $10 per year per vehicle (the Wheelage Tax), a Sales Tax of ½ percent, and a $20 Excise Tax on vehicle purchases – all of which would be tied to the high priority road and bridge projects.

➢  What do you think?  In the "Comments & Questions" section below, please take time to comment or ask a question.  Is transportation a high priority for you?  Would you like the County to fix and expand roads and bridges in order to reduce safety problems and congestion?  Would you like the County to adopt an approach similar to Scott County, which won $40 Million from the State and Federal government by adopting a sales tax?  Are there any roads or traffic issues you would like fixed?  We will welcome your comments and questions through March 15, 2017, after which the Forum will be unable to accept new responses.

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