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Irrigate with rain water

Post Date:04/17/2017 9:06 AM

April showers are the perfect time to purchase and install a rain barrel. Rain barrels capture water to irrigate plants on sunny days and save water and money! Purchase at Carver County’s Environmental Center or through If you go through Recycle Minnesota, order before May 5th to get a closer pick up location. They are having a drop off location on May 5th and 6th in Chanhassen.

Why rain barrels?

Rain barrels capture rain water runoff from your roof and store it for later use on lawns and gardens. This reduces the amount of water running off your property AND conserves treated drinking water. Plus it's free to use!

How it helps.

Rain water from rain barrels is better for plants and soils as it doesn't contain the salts and fluorides compounds found in treated drinking water.

You can connect multiple rain barrels together creating a large storage area for droughts.

Treating water (either groundwater or surfaced water sourced) can be expensive and energy intensive. Capturing and storing rain to use during times of needs eliminates this step.

It can help control moisture levels around your home's foundations.

Reduce your warm season water bill.  Garden and lawn watering makes up 40% of residential water use in the summer. You can reduce your water bill and help relieve strain on groundwater aquifers by using rain runoff.

Rain barrels reduce runoff from your property. The less runoff flowing off your property, the less pollution on the landscape is being washed into nearby lakes, streams and wetlands.



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