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Public hearing on April 18

Post Date:04/11/2017 8:40 AM

On April 18, the County Board will hold a public hearing for a half-percent local option sales tax and $20 vehicle excise fee for specific transportation projects.  The County will also consider an increase in the wheelage tax of up to $20 per vehicle for transportation purposes.   

“We’ve been meeting with community leaders from throughout the county since the proposal was first introduced in January,” said County Administrator David Hemze. “We’ve taken that input and now have a 20-year plan that will fund pavement rehabilitation projects throughout the county and 26 construction projects over the next 20 years. In addition, we have a 30-year plan that includes eight additional projects.” 

The funding proposal calls for using two new revenue sources – a half-percent transportation sales tax proposal that includes a $20 excise tax on vehicle purchases (vehicle purchases are exempt from the transportation sales tax) and an increase in the wheelage tax from the current $10 per vehicle to $20 per vehicle.  

If the Board passes the resolution, state law limits use of proceeds from a transportation sales tax to specific transportation projects.  The projects listed in the resolution include major pavement rehabilitation projects throughout the county and the following road construction projects: 

1. Country Rd. 44 and Hwy.  212 Interchange/Chaska

2. County Rd. 44 from Hwy. 212 to west of County Rd.61/Chaska

3. County Rd. 44 from County Rd. 11 to Highway 212/Chaska

4. County Road 10 from Clover Ridge Dr. to County Rd. 11/Chaska

5. County Rd. 18 Extension (82nd St.) from Bavaria Rd. to Hwy. 41/ Victoria, Chaska, Chanhassen

6. County Rd. 117 (Galpin Blvd.) from Hwy. 5 to North County Line/Chanhassen

7. County Rd 11/County Road 40 (S) Intersection/Carver

8. County Rd. 10 (Engler Blvd.) from Hwy. 41 to Hwy. 212/Chaska

9. County Rd. 10 (Engler Blvd.) from Hwy. 41 to County Rd. 61/Chaska

10. County Rd. 11/County Rd. 43 Intersection/Victoria

11. County Rd. 10 from County Rd. 11 to County Rd. 43 (W)/ Laketown Township

12. East Waconia Bypass from County Rd. 10 to Hwy. 5/Waconia

13. County Rd. 61 (Flying Cloud Dr.) from Engler Blvd. to Bluff Creek Dr./Chaska, Chanhassen

14. County Rd. 11 (Jonathan Carver Pkwy.) from Sixth St. to County Rd. 40/Carver

15. Hwy. 41 and Lyman Blvd. Intersection/Chaska

16. Hwy. 25 from High St. to White St./Watertown

17. Hwy. 101 Bluff from Flying Cloud Dr. to Pioneer Trail/Chanhassen

18. Hwy. 5/Rolling Acres Rd. Intersection/Victoria

19. Hwy. 212 from Carver to Cologne/Dahlgren Township

20. Hwy. 7/Rolling Acres Rd. Intersection/Victoria

21. Highway 41 from Minnesota River to Walnut Court and County Rd. 61 from Hwy. 41 to East Chaska Creek/Chaska

22. Hwy. 41/County Rd. 10 (Engler Blvd.) Intersection/Chaska

23. Hwy. 5 from Hwy. 41 to Rolling Acres Rd./Chanhassen, Victoria

24. Hwy. 212 from Cologne to Norwood Young America/Benton Township

25. Hwy. 5 from Rolling Acres Rd. to Victoria Dr. (W)/Victoria

26. Hwy. 5 from Main Street to Hwy. 284/Waconia.

The 30-year plan includes the above projects plus:

27. County Road 14 (Pioneer Tr.) from Highway 41 to Bavaria Rd., Chaska
28. County Road 14 (Pioneer Tr.) from Powers Blvd. to East County Line, Chanhassen
29. County Road 17 (Powers Blvd) from Highway 5 to North County Line, Chanhassen
30. Watertown South River Crossing, Watertown
31. Highway 5 from Oak Ave to Orchard Rd., Waconia
32. Highway 41 from Pioneer Tr. to Lyman Blvd., Chaska
33. Highway 41 from Lyman Blvd. to Highway 5, Chaska, Chanhassen
34. Highway 284 from Cologne to Waconia.

The public hearing will take place at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, April 18, in the County Board Room located in the Government Center’s Health and Human Services Building in Chaska.

View Closing the State/Federal Gap: Funding High Priority Roads and Bridges for specifics on the proposal. Comments can be emailed to