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Representative for Watershed Board needed

Post Date:02/17/2017 11:45 AM

The Carver County Board of Commissioners is taking applications from residents interested in representing Carver County on the Lower Minnesota River Watershed District Board of Managers.

The Watershed District is composed primarily of the area between the North and South bluffs of the Minnesota River, extending from the confluence of the Minnesota River with the Mississippi River at Pike Island, Fort Snelling upstream to and including the City of Carver. In Carver County, this includes portions of the cities of Chanhassen, Chaska and Carver. Managers must live within the boundaries of the District and are appointed by the Carver County Board of Commissioners. 

Managers preside over the business of the District, including setting budgets, conserving the unique natural resources of the District, preserving and protecting surface water and other duties identified in State Law. Additionally, the Board is charged with improving recreational and commercial navigation on the Minnesota River. Managers are responsible for promoting district activities and maintaining cooperative working relationships with local, state and federal agencies and organizations. 

The appointment is to fill a three-year term, commencing March 22.  Because of the nature of the work of the Board, it is desirable that applicants have a background in water conservation, law, engineering, environment, administration, planning, or experience with issues related to surface water drainage. 

Regular meetings are held monthly on the third Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers of the Chaska City Hall, One City Hall Plaza, Chaska. Special meetings may be held occasionally, as well as field trips to view project sites. 

Persons interested in being appointed to serve on the Watershed Board should email at or call 952-361-1503.  The deadline to apply is March 10. 

The Lower Minnesota River Watershed District Board of Managers was established in March 1960, "to carry out conservation of Natural Resources through land utilization, flood control and other needs upon sound scientific principles for the protection of the public health and welfare and the provident use of natural resource.” The LMRWD is governed by a Board of Managers, which is composed of five Managers representing Carver, Dakota, Hennepin and Scott counties. Carver County is entitled to one Manager.