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Feb. 8 Update: Pioneer Trail Repairs Scheduled to Start

Water main break damaged pavement, closed roadway in Chaska

Post Date:02/08/2019 6:30 PM

CHASKA, Minn.– Weather permitting, repair work on Pioneer Trail could start the week of Feb. 11.

When Pioneer Trail reopens depends on weather. Please check for updates.

As repairs begin, crews will remove the damaged pavement and replace it with gravel. When the water main broke, the significant amount of water released eroded the base material under the pavement across the entire width of Pioneer Trail and created a public safety hazard.  

Once repaired, Pioneer Trail will reopen in a limited capacity until later in the spring, when the road will be repaved.

Work had been delayed due to the recent extremely cold temperatures and heavy snowfall. Under those conditions, crews couldn’t properly rebuild the road to withstand traffic for the rest of winter.  

During this closure, the City of Chaska has received questions about using police officers to direct traffic. With Bavaria Rd being offset on the north and south of Hundertmark Rd and Village Rd and Hwy 41 so close to each other, officers would have to be posted at multiple locations to perform effective traffic control. Unfortunately, the necessary staffing resources are not available to operate traffic control at a safe level for a sustained time frame. 

The City has taken some steps to relieve some of the congestion. MnDOT has made some adjustments to the traffic signal timing at Hundertmark Rd/Hwy 41 and Pioneer Trail/Hwy 41. We’ve created a local detour route, and we encourage motorists to use this and other alternate routes. 

For questions or comments, please call the City of Chaska at 952-227-7568.

Thank you for your patience! 


Feb. 4 Update:
Due to inclement weather and snow in the forecast for the next few days, the start of the repair work on County-State Aid Highway (CSAH) 14/Pioneer Trail could be delayed until the end of this week. With this delay, we do not expect CSAH 14/Pioneer Trail to reopen this week or early next week. Continue to check for updates. 

We understand this unplanned repair has caused traffic concerns, and we appreciate the feedback we have received. Motorists are encouraged to use the regional detour and alternate routes. View detour map. Please budget for additional travel time, especially during the AM/PM rush hours. 

The CSAH 14/Pioneer Trail road closure went into effect after a City water main pipe broke on January 23. The pipe break caused a significant release of water, which damaged the integrity of the stretch of CSAH 14/Pioneer Trail between the intersection of Village Road and Kwik Trip/Lakeview Clinic. 

Kwik Trip, Lakeview Clinic, and Jonathan Square are accessible via Highway 41.

Thank for your patience!


Feb. 1 update:
Repair work on the section of Pioneer Trail between Village Road and Kwik Trip is scheduled to begin Monday, February 4.

Weather and schedule permitting, Pioneer Trail could open in some capacity by the end of next week or the early part of the week of February 11.

As a reminder, during the closure, Lakeview Clinic, Kwik Trip and Jonathan Square can be accessed via Hwy 41. For those traveling regionally, a regional detour has also been created. View regional detour.

Thank you for your patience as we move forward with this unexpected repair.

View the regional detour map...



Jan. 24 update:
The County State-Aid Highway (CSAH) 14/Pioneer Trail road closure between Kwik Trip and Village Road is anticipated to extend at least several weeks as City and County staff complete the necessary repairs. Continue to check for updates on estimated completion.

For those traveling locally, please use alternate routes and budget additional time into your commute. During the closure, access to Kwik Trip, Jonathan Square, and Lakeview Clinic will remain open via Highway 41. A regional detour will also be put in place.

The road closure went into effect after a City water main broke the evening of January 23. The pipe break released a substantial amount of water that damaged the integrity of the stretch of CSAH 14/Pioneer Trail between Village Road and Kwik Trip/Lakeview Clinic. 

Thank you for your patience as City and County staff work to restore the roadway. 

 [information from City of Chaska Communications]

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