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Public Star Party - Special Event

Total Lunar Eclipse

On Sunday January 20th, we are fortunate to have another total lunar eclipse visible. The observatory opens at 7:00 pm with the moon beginning to move into the Earth’s shadow about 8:40 pm. The moon enters the umbra (darkest part of the Earth’s shadow) about 9:40 and will be fully eclipsed about 10:45 when the moon fully enters the Earth’s shadow. The maximum eclipse will be approximately 11:15 pm. Totality ends about 11:45 as the moon leaves the Earth’s shadow.

This star party is a ”Cancelled if Cloudy” event. Be sure to check the MAS home page and/or the MAS Discussion Forum for the latest updates if the sky looks questionable for viewing.

DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT!! The next best total lunar eclipse for North America won’t be until May of 2022!!!

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