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MRC of Carver County: We are Looking for Volunteers

When a public health emergency happens...
Your help can make a difference.
Become an MRC volunteer

Medical Reserve Corps of Carver County






What is the Medical Reserve Corps?

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is part of a nationwide initiative to mobilize and coordinate trained volunteers to help their communities respond to all types of disasters.

The MRC provides the opportunity for teams of local volunteers who have medical, nursing, public health and other essential health and emergency response skills to contribute their time and expertise when they are needed.

For information on both orientation and trainings, please visit www.readycarver.org and click MRC Training button.

Why do we need our MRC?

Following the events of 9/11, professionals with healthcare-related skills wanted to volunteer their services. But without prior credentialing and training, they were unprepared and unable to do so.

The anthrax attacks in the fall of 2001 reinforced the need to pre-screen and train volunteers in order to have a volunteer corps ready.

The MRC helps communities meet unexpected medical and public health needs, using qualified local volunteers.

We've got an MRC in Carver County, Minnesota!

Carver County Public Health is charged with ensuring that Carver County is prepared to respond to public health emergencies by engaging residents to volunteer and by collaborating with community partners. 


Think about this:

  • During an influenza pandemic, hundreds of health professionals would be needed in the first 24 hours to staff offsite emergency care facilities.
  • If there is an anthrax release, thousands of health professionals would be needed to dispense antibiotics.
  • If there is a SARS outbreak, several hundred health professionals could be needed every day to monitor, by phone, thousands of quarantined residents.
  • In the case of smallpox, thousands of health professionals would be needed to vaccinate everyone in the region in just a matter of days. 

How does it work?

Our MRC unit will prepare volunteers in advance for their roles through training, communication and hands-on experience, helping to ensure a prompt and effective emergency response. Interested volunteers must complete an application and be screened and credentialed in order to be ready to respond to an emergency.

Who should join?

  • Healthcare professionals, such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, nursing assistants, respiratory therapists, psychiatrists, veterinarians, etc.
  • Public health professionals, such as epidemiologists, health educators, biostatisticians, public health nurses, environmental health professionals, etc.
  • Others with essential emergency response skills, such as social workers, counselors, interpreters, chaplains, support staff, and more!

When might my MRC call me to help?

As an MRC volunteer, Carver County Public Health might need your skills:

  • When local public health resources are stretched by an epidemic or infectious disease that requires mass immunization or dispensing.
  • If education and prevention services are needed to improve the public health effectiveness in your community.
  • When other public health emergencies occur, such as floods, tornadoes or other natural disasters.

Why should I join?

  • As a healthcare-related professional, you demonstrate your concern for others.
  • Your professional knowledge and skills will be vital to your community, your family, friends and neighbors – in a time of need.
  • When the public's health is threatened, your skills and your concern for others will be needed.

We know you want to be safe.

Carver County Public Health & Environment knows your family will be your first concern when a disaster strikes. Our volunteers will donate their time and expertise after making sure their own families are safe and secure. Visit www.ReadyCarver.org and go to Get Informed to learn about activities you can do to prepare for public health emergencies. Make a Go-Kit!

How do I join?

Individuals interested in the Medical Reserve Corps of Carver County should visit www.ReadyCarver.org and click the MRC Training button and for more information please email MRC@co.carver.mn.us. Additionally, you may begin the volunteer application process at https://www.mnresponds.org/. Whether you are licensed or certified in a health field, active or retired, or a person with an interest in assisting in a health response, we invite you to register in Minnesota Responds.