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John Freemyer, County Surveyor
Government Center, Administration Building
(952) 361-1015

General Information

The County Surveyor is a statutory position appointed by the County Board for terms of up to four years. Primary functions include perpetuation of the Public Land Survey monuments (section corners), plat checking, land registration checking, and land parcel mapping.

Having Your Land Surveyed

The County Surveyor does not perform surveys of private land.  If you require a survey of your property, contact a private licensed land surveyor.  Licensed land surveyors may be found in the yellow pages under SURVEYORS-LAND.  An online referral service is also available from the Minnesota Society of Professional Surveyors.

Public Land Survey

There are approximately 1360 public land survey monuments maintained by the County. These corners that were originally set from 1853 to 1858, control the position of every land parcel. Today they are typically perpetuated with standard cast iron monuments. Corner Ties and County Coordinate Values are made available as an aid to using these monuments.  Access Public Land Survey monument data.

Plat Checking

Before any plat can be recorded at Carver County, it must be checked by the County Surveyor for compliance with appropriate statutes and ordinances. Private sector surveyors that typically prepare plats are responsible for submitting the document. The initial checking process usually takes 10 to 15 working days.  (See Fee Schedule for current Plat Checking Fees.)  Plat Certification Memorandum.

Land Parcel Mapping

Surveying and Mapping prepares and maintains maps known as Half Section Maps,  They cover the entire county, and depict all tax parcels and public road corridors. The maps can be viewed and downloaded online by Township or Half-Section here.