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Carver County Parks & Recreation Geocaching Guidelines

Geocaching (pronounced geo-cash-ing), in a new sport allowing people to utilize today's technology while experiencing the beauty and recreational opportunities within our park systems. Geocaching is the use of a Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate a cache or treasure, hidden around the world.

A cache is normally a waterproof container, bag, or small can hidden in a hollow tree, stump or in a wooded area. Caches are listed on the internet at www.geocaching.com by people who choose to place them at a specific location, allowing other to track down that cache taking a treasure and often times replacing it with something new and signing the log book.

Carver County Parks permits the use of its park system for Geocaching and has created the following guidelines:

1. Caches are to be registered and permitted through the Carver County Parks Office.
2. Caches are not allowed on regional trails or in campgrounds, beaches, picnic areas, playgrounds or in areas that are environmentally sensitive to avoid soil erosion or damage to wetlands.
3. Caches are not to be buried or otherwise harm vegetation and park facilities.
4. Access to caches will be subject to Carver County Park Ordinances including: hours of operation and daily parking fees.
5. Caches are not to contain items which are offensive to others, illegal or dangerous.
6. All caches must be at least .1 miles from the nearest cache within Baylor, Lake Minnewashta and Lake Waconia Regional Parks.
7. Attempt to minimize impact by keeping caches within 30' from center of existing trails.
8. Caches will be permitted for one year. The cache is then to be removed or may be renewed for an additional year by the person who placed it or the Parks Division may remove the cache.
9. Carver County retains the right to check and have any cache removed by the person who placed it, or park staff may remove it.


To Register a Cache within the Carver County Park System, please contact the Parks office at (952) 466-5250 or by email parks@co.carver.mn.us.