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Worksite Wellness Health Promotion


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Sign-up for The Latest Worksite Wellness eNews. The electronic newsletter is brought to you by the Worksite Wellness Resource Center at Carver County and is meant to give you the latest and greatest news, information and resources from the employee health improvement and management arena.

The Worksite Wellness Health Promotion Resource Center supports employee and organizational health and wellness by providing resources, strategies and tools to community partners to build, sustain and promote healthy employees and employers in Carver County. These resources and strategies include: worksite wellness programs, strategies, policies and other best practices that work to encourage healthy behaviors on and off the job.  Please let us know how we can assist you in addressing your worksite health promotion needs.

Current and Past Opportunities

Worksite Wellness Newsletters from Carver County Public Health

Worksite Wellness Health Promotion Resources

Carver County Worksite Wellness Health Promotion Resource Center Offers

  • Advisory committee for local worksites
  • Books to checkout
  • Breastfeeding policies
  • Drug free policies
  • Free consultation services
  • Healthy eating campaigns
  • Healthy eating policies
  • Measuring wheel to checkout
  • Pandemic planning checklist
  • Physical activity campaigns
  • Physical activity policies
  • Tobacco prevention policies
  • Vending machine assessment
  • Walkability assessments
  • Worksite environment assessments

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