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School Wellness


Public Health School Liaison Services

If you are interested in finding more out about any of these services please contact Carver County Public Health at (952) 361-1329.


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Carver County Public Health working in partnership to improve the health of our students.

What can Public Health do for your school?

Child and Teen Checkups

Carver County Public Health provides outreach for the preventive health care program Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC). Minnesota's C&TC program entitles children and teens, birth to 21 years of age, who are enrolled in Medical Assistance or Minnesota Care to cost-free annual healthcare check-ups.

Data Resource

Carver County Public Health staff can assist individuals and organizations in accessing and interpreting data. Examples of data that are available include: census data, economic information, school enrollment information, injury statistics, infectious disease statistics, Minnesota Student Survey, graduation rates and the Carver County Citizen Survey. In addition, Carver County Public Health conducted a School Nurse Survey in 2007-2008. To view results, please click here (PDF).

Disease Prevention and Control

Public Health offers education on infectious diseases and follow-up to individuals diagnosed with or exposed to an infectious disease. Information on diseases and conditions are also available. "Infectious Diseases in Childcare Settings and Schools" is a comprehensive manual on infectious diseases developed by Hennepin County. To order a copy of the manual, complete the Disease Manual Order Form and send it to Carver County Public Health with a payment of $27.00 ($25.50 for tax exempt agencies). To order by phone, call (952)-361-1316.

Carver County Public Health, along with your state health department, can offer information on vaccine-preventable illnesses and immunization schedules.

Carver County Public Health encourages residents to get immunizations from their primary care provider. However, Carver County Public Health does offer a bi-monthly immunization clinic for individuals who do not have insurance or whose insurance does not cover immunizations.

Public Health participates in the state wide immunization program, Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC). The MIIC registry uses a secured, confidential, computerized information system to store a complete and accurate record of an individual's immunizations, no matter where those immunizations were given. A public health nurse can check an individual's immunization record through MIIC.

Emergency Preparedness Programs

Carver County Public Health helps individuals, families and organizations (including schools) plan for and respond to emergencies through their Emergency Preparedness Programs. Emergency Preparedness programs also plan for pandemic flu outbreaks so we are prepared as a community if an outbreak were to occur.

The Carver County Public Health & Environment Division's local websites, ReadyCarver.org and ListoCarver.org, help individuals and families "Be Informed, Be Prepared and Be Connected" prior to or in an emergency.  ReadyCarver Brochures are also available for use.

ECHO (Emergency and Community Health Outreach) for limited English proficiency populations was created to provide emergency and health information in multiple languages. It utilizes a variety of communication methods during emergency and non-emergency times, including fax, phone, television, and the Internet. It provides information on a variety of health and safety topics.

Health Education

Carver County Public Health provides health education materials resources and referrals to individuals, schools, worksites and other organizations. Some common health education requests include connecting individuals and groups to CPR and AED training, nutritional education and culturally appropriate health information. Public Health also provides Cover Your Cough posters and other materials on flu prevention.

Information and Resource Line

Carver County Public Health provides information on a wide variety of health topics and offers a connection to resources. The general public may access the Information and Resource Line (I&R), by calling (952) 361-1329.

Questions from school staff, teachers, nurses and administrators can be directed to Carver County Public Health's school liaison, Samantha. Please contact Samantha at (952) 361-1359.

The following resource lists may also aid you in your work:

Student and Employee Wellness

Carver County Public Health can provide consultation in the areas of employee wellness and student wellness. Public Health has many resources and tools if consultation or help is needed with school wellness policies or school wellness councils. Carver County Public Health is also available for information and consultation in the areas of health policy development, cultural issues, prevention programs and evaluation of wellness services.

Walkable Communities

"Walkable communities" are communities that accommodate all types of transportation, including cars and transit, but focus on safe and convenient environments for pedestrians and bicyclists. Since inactivity may lead to obesity and other health problems, Carver County Public Health supports the concept of walkable communities and helps local communities find ways to increase physical activity options, perform community-wide walking audits, and host Walkable Community Workshops. Public Health can help local residents find and measure walkable areas within communities, neighborhoods or worksites to increase physical activity options.

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