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Volunteer Opportunities

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Adopt A Water

The ADOPT A WATER program is a public services program for volunteers to pick up litter along shorelines of lakes, wetlands, ponds, etc. within Carver County.  It provides an opportunity for citizens to make a personal contribution towards keeping Carver County’s waters a “litter” bit better.  Individuals, community groups, churches, businesses and more can ADOPT A WATER by picking up trash along the shorelines twice a year.

To view more information, please read the ADOPT A WATER flyer.

Thank you to our current volunteers. Thank you to;

  • Northern Star Co.'s Green Team for adopting a section of East Chaska Creek.
  • Carver Coyotes 4H Club for adopting Grace Lake in Chaska.
  • Ekstrom Family from NYA for adopting Barnes Lake and Brand Lake.




Central Sunshiners

Northern Star Inc.

Community Clean Ups for Water Quality

On Oct. 23rd 2010 join your Community in battling algae and other water quality pollutant by participating in Community Clean-Ups for Water Quality. This is a one day event that ask individuals, groups, and organizations to clean up their streets from leaves, grass clippings and other sources of phosphorus (leading cause of algae and lake greening).

Stormdrain leaves 



Volunteer Stream Monitoring Partnership (VSMP)

Similar to SHEP but focused more on metro area. SHEP was developed to go statewide. See the links below to view more information.

 dip net  Bevens  scud  





Citizen Lake Monitoring Program

This program requires minimal volunteer time but provides necessary water quality data which is essential for managing Minnesota's water resources. Volunteers collect secchi depths once a week during summer in a designated spot. For more information, visit the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's Citizen Lake Monitoring Program. To volunteer or receive information specific to Carver County contact Charlie Sawdey at 952-361-1810 or csawdey@co.carver.mn.us.

 clear secchi  secchimodel  turbidsecchi








Citizen Assisted Lake Monitoring Program (CAMP)

This program is similar to the CLMP but more involved. Volunteers collect water quality samples, secchi disk depths, and provide a physical assessment of the lake's condition. CAMP is run through Metropolitan Council. To volunteer or receive information specific to Carver County contact Charlie Sawdey at 952-361-1810 or csawdey@co.carver.mn.us.

 secchi  water sample bottle  IMG






Form a Lake, Stream, or Watershed Association.

Citizen led groups known as stream, lake or watershed associations encourage taking action for lakes and stream protection and preservation. These organizations can meet frequently or minimally depending on their agenda. This is a wonderful way for citizens to get involved and learn about the water body influencing their every day life, and a wonderful opportunity to improve or preserve these natural resources.
These associations an important part of water resource protection in Minnesota as they have the ability to influence policies affecting water resources and increase education for future generations.

Think about gathering your neighbors to increase interaction with each other and share goals to protect, preserve, and increase knowledge about water resources.

Now your lake or river association can apply to be a Star Lake or Star River, see how!

Keep Our Waters Clean by Following These Easy Steps.

How you can Help!

If you are interested in volunteering or have questions you can contact Madeline Seveland at 952-361-1026 or mseveland@co.carver.mn.us