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Quality of Life Indicators Report

2006 Carver County Quality of Life Indicators Report 

The goal of this report is to:

  • Collect, organize and analyze information about Carver County
  • Provide a status report on the Quality of Life in Carver County
  • Coordinate community goals and values

The Quality of Life Indicators Report gives a glimpse of 42 key indicators in 9 different categories that attempt to reflect the values, culture and ideals of Carver County.  The report also includes an introduction, summary section and demographic profile.  By clicking on the links below, you can download descriptions, charts, tables and trends for each indicator.  Click on the indicator heading to download that section, or simply click on an individual indicator. The entire document is also available for download. All downloads are Adobe pdf files. 

Download Entire Report (.pdf; 3.37 MB)




What are Quality of Life Indicators?                              

Project Purpose                                                 

Process and Methodology                            

2004 Citizen Survey Information 

Carver County Profile


Demographics: Migration

Demographics: Age

Demographics: Income

Demographics: Race & Ethnicity




Summary of Indicators  

General Employment Trends

Economic Diversity

Commercial Property values

Cost of Living Index


Commute to Work

Public Transportation Usage



Student Enrollment

Educational Attainment

Basic Requirements Test Scores

Special Student Populations

Dropout Rates

Leisure and Recreation

Parks and Trails

Library Usage

Historic Sites and Landmarks

Festivals and Events

Shopping and Eating Places


Surface Water Quality

Solid Waste Produced & Recycled

Land Use & Land Cover Statistics

Acres of Protected Land
Acres of Agricultural Preserves



Community Involvement


General Poverty Trends

Abuse and Neglect Cases

Teen Parenting

Issues Facing Seniors

Growth & Housing

Building Permits Issued

Average Home Value

Home Ownership

Affordable Housing

Public Safety

Perceptions of Public Safety

Crime Rates

Motor Vehicle Injuries


Access to Healthcare

Prenatal & Childhood Health

Teen Substance Usage

Adult Substance Usage

Overweight Adults

Mortality Rate