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Hazardous Waste Generators

Carver County is mandated by the state of Minnesota to regulate generators of Hazardous Waste in the County. We have adopted an Ordinance incorporating the state and federal rules to enforce this. The following information will explain:

  1. Who is a Hazardous Waste Generator?
  2. What is a Hazardous Waste?
  3. Basic Requirements of a Hazardous Waste Generator
  4. License Applications
  5. Disposal Contractor List.

A hazardous waste generator is any person (business, industry, or service; public or private) who produces a waste which is classified as hazardous. Characteristics which make a waste hazardous under the County Ordinance are listed on the back page. A comprehensive list of hazardous wastes can be found in the MPCA Hazardous Waste Rules Part 7045.0135.

Some examples of materials used which would likely become hazardous waste are parts-cleaners (e.g. Stoddard solvents, mineral spirits), paint thinners and filters, solvents, acids, metal containing solutions and alkaline cleaners. Solids, sludges and slurry mixtures may also require evaluation for hazardous constituents.

Requirements for management of hazardous waste include projection and reporting of waste volumes, storage in appropriate containers to which are attached hazardous waste labels, and selection of a licensed transporter and permitted disposal or treatment facility. Manifests must accompany all shipments of hazardous waste. Requirements may also include emergency planning and response and personnel training.

Complete MPCA regulations regarding hazardous waste management (Minn. Rules pts. 7001, 7045, 7046) are available from the Documents Section, State of Minnesota (phone number: 612/297-3000). A copy of the Carver County Hazardous Waste Management Ordinance is available upon request from our office.

Please look at the www.pca.state.mn.us/waste/pubs/business.html website for publications about waste for businesses as well as the www.mntap.umn.edu website.

Note:  Some of these documents are in PDF format and can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader already installed, you may download a copy by visiting to the Adobe website.  Follow the Adobe link for step by step instructions.


FREE Generator Training Opportunity
Carver County Hazardous Waste Generators have an opportunity to attend one day training sessions ("The Five Steps To Compliance") throughout the year with Hennepin County generators.  To find locations and times please click HERE.  The link will direct you to the Hennepin County registration site.  Please follow the instructions to register.