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2010-2020 Water Management Plan



   Carver County Watershed Management Organization

   Comprehensive Water Management Plan    














CCWMO Seeks Public Comment on Water Management Plan Amendment


The plan amendment consists of an update to the implementation section of the plan and the proposed project list (clean version | mark-up version). A public meeting will be held on April 28th as part of the regular CCWMO Advisory Committee meeting.

The meeting will be held in the County Board room located in the Carver County Government Center at 600 East 4th St. Chaska, MN 55318.

All persons interested are invited to attend the meeting and be heard on this matter.

Comments may also be submitted via e-mail or mail.

Mail: Dept. of Planning & Water Management
ATTN: Paul Moline
Carver County Government Center
600 E.4th St.
Chaska, MN 55318





Water Management Plan 


The following links connect you to the Carver County Water Management Organization (CCWMO) 2010-2020 Water Management Plan. The Plan is required under MN statute 103B.231 for Watershed Management Organizations (WMOs) within the metropolitan area.  The County assumed control as the WMO authority in 1996 and subsequently adopted the first water management plan in 2001. The 2010 Plan was adopted by the County Board on Oct. 26th, 2010.


 Cover & Table of Contents DOWNLOAD


1.     Executive Summary  DOWNLOAD

This section provides an introduction to the Draft Plan and summarizes each chapter of the plan.


2.     Land and Water Resource Inventory DOWNLOAD

This chapter contains detailed information regarding land and water resources within the Carver County Watershed Management Organization boundaries. Information is grouped into four primary categories: physical environment, biological environment, human environment, and hydrologic systems.


3.     Major Issues

This chapter presents background information, goals, policies, and implementation strategies for the eleven identified issue areas.


Introduction  DOWNLOAD

a.     Surface Water Management  DOWNLOAD

b.     Impaired Waters and TMDL Approach DOWNLOAD

                    Approved TMDLs:         Burandt Lake
                                            Carver, Bevens, and Silver Creek

                                                               Reitz Lake  

c.     Urban Stormwater Management DOWNLOAD

d.     Wetland Management  DOWNLOAD

e.     Agricultural Practices DOWNLOAD

f.      Sanitary Sewer Discharges DOWNLOAD

g.     Upland Natural Resources  DOWNLOAD

h.     Groundwater Management  DOWNLOAD

i.      Solid and Hazardous Waste DOWNLOAD

j.      Education Program DOWNLOAD

k.     Monitoring and Assessment DOWNLOAD


4.     Implementation Plan  DOWNLOAD

This chapter contains a summary of the implementation program. Implementation is carried out through three main areas: Programs, Cost Share Projects, and Capital Projects. The implementation plan discusses responsible parties, costs, and funding mechanisms.


5.     Administration DOWNLOAD

This chapter contains information on the authority and organization of the CCWMO. It also contains information on local plan content requirements and review procedures, watershed management plan amendment procedures, and information on financing and funding mechanisms.


Appendix A: Public Involvement Process DOWNLOAD

This appendix summarizes the process used to develop the plan, including the entities that contributed to the development and review of the Draft Plan and the types of outreach used to reach each audience. It also includes information on the formal review process.


Appendix B: Infiltration Rates and Surficial Geology Data  DOWNLOAD

This appendix summarizes concept design infiltration rates and surficial geology information.


Appendix C: Wetland FVA Methodology DOWNLOAD

This appendix summarizes the process used to assess wetland functional values in the CCWMO.


Appendix D:  Cost Share Program Criteria DOWNLOAD
This appendix includes the selection criteria for the cost share programs described in Chapter 5.


Appendix E: 2001 Plan Evaluation DOWNLOAD
This appendix includes an evaluation of the CCWMO's success in implementing the 2001 Water Plan.


Appendix F: Acronym List & Glossary DOWNLOAD
This appendix contains a list of acronyms used in the plan and a glossary for technical terms found in the plan.



Entire Plan DOWNLOAD