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Community Support Program

The Community Support Program (CSP) serves the people of Carver County who have serious mental health issues such as schizophrenia, manic-depression, chronic depression, and borderline personality disorder.  Most of the serious emotional illnesses are brain disorders having a physical cause in the brain and often have a genetic component. 

The goal of the Community Support Program is to assist people to live as comfortably, productively and independently as possible in their home community.  This is accomplished by providing a number of related services:

  • Case Management:
    Case Managers help each client develop their goals - a plan to help them on their road to stability and recover.  Recovery doesn't mean cure - this is serious and persistent mental illness - but it does mean life can improve and in most cases can be quite fulfilling.  Case Managers help clients obtain the services they need.

  • Medication Monitoring:
    An essential element of any recovery from brain disorder is finding a psychiatrist who will work to find the best possible medication or combination of medications.  CSP staff are alert for changes in symptoms, side effects and confer quickly with the client's psychiatrist.

  • Crisis Assistance:
    Crisis plans are developed with each client which outlines ways to cope during difficult times.  Assistance is also available through the emergency rooms of the local hospitals and the Carver/Scott Crisis Program.

  • Employability and Work Related Opportunities:
    Most Carver County CSP clients want to work.  CSP staff work closely with Minnesota Department of Jobs and Training and MRCI (supported employment) job coaches.

  • Assistance in Independent Living Skills:
    Some clients need help with the practical details of life.  We use a variety of resources including housing support workers, community agencies, and volunteers.

  • Housing Support Services:
    Having a safe, decent place to live is essential for everyone.  This is an increasingly difficult challenge.  There is increasing pressure on the limited low-cost housing available.  One staff member specializes in this important area of helping people find the housing they want and maintain that housing.

  • Social, Recreation, & Education:
    Because of the isolation and stigma of mental illness, it is vital to provide opportunities for clients to come together in "normal", non-threatening ways, to form friendships and enjoy life.  Each week the CSP provides coffee groups in local restaurants.  There are also weekly walking groups, activities, crafts, games, classes, and drop-in groups.