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Refer a Family for Other Child Welfare Services

Child Welfare Case Management

In addition to the services defined above, Minnesota Statute 256E.03 requires county social service agencies to provide services to dependent children, pregnant adolescents, adolescent parents under the age of 18, persons under the guardianship of the commissioner of human services, and children and adolescents at risk of involvement with criminal activity.  The statute also authorizes county boards to provide services to other groups of people in need of social services.  In Carver County, services may be provided to help prevent abuse or neglect and to prevent the need for out-of-home placement. 

Purpose:  Our mission is to protect children, strengthen families and promote a safe community.

Referral Procedures:

  1. Parents can contact community social services intake directly at (952) 361-1600, or by walking into the Human Services Building at 602 East 4th Street in Chaska between 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday and making a request for child welfare services.
  2. Other community professionals can refer children to community social services by discussing the proposed referral with the child's parent(s), obtaining a signed consent for the release of information, and sending a copy of the signed release form and a written statement that contains identifying information, recognized concerns, and recommendations for services to CCCSS intake, 602 East 4th Street, Chaska, MN  55318-2191, or by fax to (952) 361-1660.

Community Social Services Eligibility Assessment:

  1. Upon receipt of the referral or contact from the parent, a social worker will meet with the parent(s) to collect information about the presenting problem, determine whether there are other community resources available to meet the identified need, and, together with the parent(s), decide if the agency has the appropriate resources and authority to intervene effectively with the presenting problem. 
    • When child welfare services are indicated, the intake social worker will provide a HIPPA notice, complete an application for services, complete an Intake Inventory if the inventory has not been previously completed, collect other appropriate eligibility information, enter the information into SSIS for assignment as a child welfare case, and place the case file on the assignment log.
  2. The supervisor will review and act upon the application. 
    • If the intake materials clearly document the need or eligibility for services, the supervisor will assign the case for child welfare case management services.
    • If the materials are unclear, the supervisor will assign the case for child welfare assessment and will follow up with the assigned worker regarding eligibility within 30 days.
    • If the materials fail to document the need for or eligibility for child welfare services, the supervisor will notify the family in writing of the denial of services, citing the statute and rules that pertain to the requested services.
  3. When department caseloads meet or exceed 15 cases per FTE caseworker, child welfare cases may be placed on a waiting list to insure the department's capacity to meet it's obligations for mandated child protection and children's mental health services.  When applicants are placed on a waiting list, the supervisor will send the family notice of such in writing.  In such circumstances, the department reserves the right to prioritize the delivery of child welfare services to children and families identified with the greatest need for services in order to best reduce the risk of maltreatment and/or out-of-home placement of children within available resources.  
  4. The assigned caseworker will contact the family within 5 working days of case assignment.