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Greetings and welcome to the Volunteer Services Unit. 

The Volunteer Services Unit provides services related to the enhancement and support for the various functions within the Sheriff's Office.  The Volunteer Services Unit is within the Patrol Support Services Division of the Sheriff's Office.  They are frequently seen at countywide functions such as the Carver County Fair, city events, community relations events, schools and emergency assistance.

The Volunteer Services Unit is comprised of the following units:

  • Explorers – The Explorer Post is a group of volunteers who are between the ages of 15-20, many of which attend area schools. 
  • Reserves – Are a specially trained group of volunteers assisting CCSO with many functions to include traffic control. 
  • Mounted Posse – This group of volunteers provides support services for CCSO on horseback. 
  • Dive TeamThis group of volunteers are specially trained in dive techniques and skills. They assist CCSO in evidence recovery relating to drownings, or water related incidents.
  • Internship / Mentorship The Sheriff's Office offers an internship and mentorship program to individuals interested in learning more about the field of law enforcement.
  • Chaplain Program - The Carver County Sheriff's Office has a Chaplain Program that utilizes volunteer chaplains. The Carver County Sheriff’s Office Chaplain Program is established for the purpose of providing spiritual and emotional support to all members of the Office, their families and members of the public.

Each Unit has their own command structure and staff.  The Dive Team, Posse, Explorers, Chaplains and Reservists are made up of dedicated, professional volunteers who provide a vital and irreplaceable service to the Sheriff's Office and the Citizens of Carver County.

The volunteers in the Volunteer Services Units are dedicated to providing the citizens of Carver County with professional law enforcement support and services with an emphasis on customer service.  For information related to the Volunteer Services Unit/Support Services Division, please contact the Lieutenant of Support Services at (952) 361-1206 or via e-mail.