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Patrol Support Services

Welcome to the Patrol Support  Services Division.  The Division is overseen by a Lieutenant.  There are three Sergeants in this division.  

The Support Services/Civil Process Sergeant is responsible for training, recreation services, civil process and community relations. 

The Investigation Sergeant oversees Investigations, the crime lab, property room and predatory offender registration.

The Court Services Sergeant has the responsibility of courtroom security, prisoner transport and entry point screening.

We are very proud of the employees that make up the division.  We have a number of experienced and talented individuals.  Some of the areas that we specialize in are; computer forensics, crime lab, arson investigation, narcotics agents, and crime scene processing.   

The Patrol Support Services Division is composed of the 15 units listed in the left menu. To find out more about each of these areas, simply click the corresponding unit title.

The Patrol Support Division also has seven crime technicians.  Crime Technicians response to crime scenes and are responsible for locating, processing, photographing, collection and preservation of evidence from crime scenes.

This unit is also responsible for our volunteer services.  This includes the Reserves, Posse, Explorers, Dive Team, Law Enforcement Chaplain Program,  Internships, and Mentorships.  Carver County is very fortunate to have these volunteers to help us respond to the needs of our community.  

The employees in Patrol Support Services are dedicated to providing the citizens of Carver County with the finest professional law enforcement services with an emphasis on customer service.

Feel free to contact the Lieutenant at (952) 361-1206 or via e-mail.