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Community Relations Programs

Welcome to the Carver County Sheriff's Office Community Relations Programs page.  We have various programs available to the public to enhance our community.  Most of our cities and several townships have "town cops" who are contracted to work in a specific community.  This allows the city staff and citizens to become better acquainted with the deputies who work in their respective communities.  This also gives organizations in the community the opportunity to have a representative from the Sheriff's Office deliver a presentation to their organization or event.

Below is a list of some of the programs we offer.  We would like to remind everyone that deputies are subject to calls and may not always be available to attend the event.

Community Relations Presentations-Periodically we have sheriff’s deputies or volunteers who can attend meetings or events, do a presentation, show a squad car, bring a Posse horse or other equipment to give our communities a more comprehensive look at what we do, and some of the tools we employ to provide the services expected of us.  If you wish to request an event we ask that you notify us several weeks in advance.  To request this program you can call 952-361-1789 or email Community Relations Program Request.

Sheriff's Office Dispatch and Jail Tours-Your group can tour our dispatch area and our jail.  We do request advance notice for this program as well.  Size and times of tours may be restricted.  Please contact 952-361-1212.

TRIAD-Carver County Sheriff's Office is proud to announce a program called TRIAD.  What is TRIAD?  TRIAD is a partnership between law enforcement, the community and the senior citizen community all working together to keep our senior citizens safe. The Carver County Sheriff’s Office TRIAD program will help provide presenters and support for events, proactive coordination of events and topics for discussion through the Carver County Sheriff’s Office TRIAD Program and conducting large scale events e.g. County-wide personal safety, home security or traffic safety seminars.   If you would like more information about TRIAD, go to the National Association of Triads website or click here to see our brochure.  Please click on this link for senior safety information.

Medicine Take Back Program-The Carver County Sheriff’s Office is participating in the Medicine Take Back Initiative.  This initiative is a cooperative effort with the Carver County Attorney's Office, Office of Aging, Carver County Public Health, the Sheriff's Office and the Drug Enforcement Administration. This event occurs in the spring and fall each year.   The Sheriff’s Office will participate in the initiative every 6 months, moving collection sites throughout Carver County to enhance accessibility for our citizens. Click here to view latest press release on the take back program.

Permanent Medicine Take Back Box-The Carver County Sheriff's Office now has a permanent medication take back box installed in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office in Chaska.  The box is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day for your medications.  The City of Chanhassen also has a permanent medication take back box installed in the lobby of Chanhassen City Hall.  The City of Waconia is anticipating having a permanent take back box installed in Waconia City Hall in April 2014. Please check back for more information. 

We will accept any medications or drugs for disposal.  Please do not bring syringes and sharp items as we do not collect those items and they create hazards during removal and destruction.   Click here for the press release announcing the take back box.  Click here for the link to the Take It To The Box Program.

   Medicine Take Back Event October 2011  Medicine Take Back Box  Sheriff Jim Olson with Medicines Collected from April 28 2012 Collection Date