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Mounted Posse

The Carver County Sheriff's Mounted Posse is now accepting applications ... You will need to fill out both the CCSO Application and the Carver County general application to be considered. Return both forms to: Lieutenant of Support Services |  606 East Fourth St  |  Chaska MN 55318-2102

 Wanted Poster

Press Release

CCSO Application

Carver County Application


Posse does well at Wadena Clinic
Posse does well at 2011 Wadena Clinic


 Posse-BaseBall  Posse2


Sheriff and Posse w Circle C 4H Riders

Posse at the Governors Fishing Opener 2012

Jean and June at Governors Fishing Opener

 Posse Line Up at Sensory

Posse at Meeker County Training

 Posse and Kemps Cow at Governors Fishing Opener




posse4Members and their horses must pass "Sensory Training" each spring.  The training involves an obstacle course that exposes the horse and rider to many situations that are normally frightening to horses, such as gun firing, pulling an injured person on a sled, going over bridges, water obstacles, etc.  The horses and riders must also pass an equitation test, which involves basic maneuvers on horseback, such as walking, trotting and cantering at a controlled pace, taking the correct lead at a canter, side passing in both directions, turning on the forehand and turning on the haunches.

In addition to Sensory Training, Posse members attend multiple training sessions throughout the year, both mounted and un-mounted.  Some examples are police radio training, CPR and first aid, and risk management.  Click here to see the Posse Training Schedule  .

Posse during Sensory Training Lt Williams at Sensory Training
Posse during Sensory Training Posse at Waconia Parade

Wadena photo with horses

Posse Sensory 2012

Posse Member Tina at Sensory 2012

Star Trib Article

Posse Sensory 2012

Posse Member Gina at Sensory 2012

Becoming a Member

posse2The Posse is approved for 30 volunteer members of the Carver County Sheriff's Mounted Posse.  The Posse always welcomes new members. 

The process to become a Posse member starts with completion of the a Carver County Application and the Posse Questionnaire (located on the top of this site). Once completed, the application should be sent to Lieutenant of Support Services at 606 East 4th Street, Chaska, MN  55318.  If the applicant meets the minimum requirements, the applicant will be contacted for an interview.  Upon successful completion of the interview, the applicant will be given a background packet to complete and return to the Sheriff's Office.  During this time, several Posse members will schedule a site visit to observe the applicant and their horse.  With successful completion of the background and site visit, the applicant will be asked to schedule a fit for duty exam with the County's selected medical location.  With successful passing of the exam, the applicant will receive notification of the acceptance to the Posse. 

Posse Requirements are:

  • 21 years of age.
  • a valid Driver's License.
  • have the use of a horse of 5 years of age or more (no stallions).
  • the ability to transport their horse.  
  • no requirement that they live in Carver County, but must be able to respond within 30 minutes.
  • no significant criminal or traffic violations.
  • the ability to volunteer their time to the CCSO Posse. 

Those who are interested are encouraged to attend one of the Posse's monthly meetings, which are on the second Monday of each month.

For more information, contact the Sheriff's Office at (952) 361-1212.

Member Profiles

We periodically do member profiles to highlight the great volunteers who are the Carver County Sheriff's Office Mounted Posse.

Posse Member Jim Liddy and Dixon

J Hilgers

Profile of Posse Member Jim Liddy

Profile of Posse Member June Hilgers

Marjory Adams and Cayenne

Denise   Peaches 

 Posse Member Marjory Adams 

Posse Member Denise Herntier 


Emily Boote & Cowbow

Posse Member Erin Owen 

Posse Member Emily Boote

Ken Levinson and Aviator

 Posse Patch

Posse Member Ken Levinson

Join the Posse and this next profile could be you! 

Established in 1965, the Carver County Sheriff's Mounted Posse is a volunteer organization that assists the Sheriff's Office with security and crowd control, search and rescue operations, community relations and outreach activities, as well as special missions as assigned.

The Posse consists of approximately 30 volunteers who provide service to the Carver County community.


Some examples of the kind of service the Posse provides are:

Security and crowd control
These services are performed primarily on horseback and sometimes on foot.  Some examples are:

  • City patrols throughout Carver County
  • Security at the Carver County Fair, Stiftungsfest, Winstock and Screamtown
  • Park patrol at Minnewashta, Baylor and Carver County Park in Waconia
  • Patrol at various community events and concerts

Search and Rescue
The Posse is a valuable resource for search and rescue operations, as horses are able to venture into terrain that is otherwise not easily accessible.

On behalf of the Sheriff's Office, Posse members visit schools and teach kids about our work.  The Posse also visits neighborhoods during National Night Out, and similar community events.

The Posse represents the Sheriff's Office in many parades throughout the summer, for example: 

  • Steamboat Days in September
  • Several 4th of July parades throughout the area
  • Carver County Fair Parade


The Making of the Posse Horse

posse13Horses provide law enforcement agencies with a unique combination of authority and approachability.  While they have command presence that can move a crowd quickly and efficiently, they also generate social interaction like nothing else can in the Sheriff's Office.

Horses are one of the most perceptive mammals on earth, with memory capacities that are second only to that of elephants.  By nature, they are prey animals and have a strong instinct of flight.  Confronted with situations that are perceived as a threat, the horse's first reaction is to escape.  At the same time, they are herd animals that feel comfortable and protected as part of a larger herd.  All of these things are taken into account during Mounted Posse Training sessions.  To work through their natural fear - toleration everything from sirens to fireworks and baby strollers to barking dogs - Posse horses need to trust their rider above all else.  They must also work well with other horses, and be people-oriented animals, with a calm and willing nature and a desire to please.