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Internship / Mentorship Program


Duties and Responsibilities

The intern is responsible for numerous and varied activities.  The intern is assigned a project to complete for the Carver County Sheriff's Office.  Past projects have been; development of the unpaid, non-scholastic intern program, development of the unpaid, scholastic program, and development of the paid internship program.  Other projects have been the development of the internship program.

The intern works closely with the training and community relations units.  The intern may be utilized as a "role player" for training scenarios.  The intern will also be allowed to participate or observe the training activities within the Sheriff's Office.  In the past, interns have been active with baton training, scenario training, firearms training, use of force training, chemical aerosol training, tactical training, etc.

Depending on the interests of the intern, the intern may work with several other divisions within Carver County.  Interns have the option of working with the Courts, County Attorney, Forensics Lab, Investigation, Tactical Team, Drug Recognition Expert and other divisions.  The intern is assigned projects and duties depending on the division they are working in.

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Application Process

Individuals who are interested in performing an internship at Carver County should contact the Sheriff's Office to obtain an application packet or click here to download the application.  Send the application to:  Carver County Sheriff's Office, Attention: Lieutenant of Support Services-606 East 4th Street, Chaska, Mn  55318.  Once the Sheriff's Office receives the application, it will be reviewed and a background check performed.  If an applicant is accepted, a schedule will then be created based on the intern's interests and availability.

Interns being taught about firearms Intern Alex and Sgt Pufahl on handgun range

Intern in Handcuffing Training Intern after mace exposure in training...Their request to do it


The Carver County Sheriff's Office works in conjunction with Watertown High School and the Carver Scott Cooperative to offer a mentorship program aimed at individuals under the age of 18 who are interested in law enforcement.  The mentorship program is offered annually from October to May.  Students who participate in the program spend ten hours each week with the Sheriff's Office.  During the program, students complete a project for school on the topic of their choice.  Past mentorship projects have included papers on DNA, Tasers and use of force.

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For more information you may contact the Carver County Sheriff's Office at 952-361-1212.