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Elected Officials


ATTORNEY (Mark Metz) 
Government Center, Justice Center Building
(952) 361-1400

The County Attorney's Office is responsible for the legal representation of the Carver County Board of Commissioners and the legal interests and concerns of all other departments in the County. This office also prosecutes all criminal offenses committed in the County with the exception of municipal ordinance violations.

SHERIFF (Jim Olson)
Government Center, Justice Center Building
(952) 361-1231

The Sheriff Office's primary concern is the safety and well-being of all persons and property in Carver County. Responsibilities include executing court-issued civil and criminal process; providing patrol and investigative functions; providing a secure, healthy detention facility; providing professional training for personnel; maintaining an accurate record-keeping system; and providing a 911 Emergency Communications Center.

1st Judicial District  

Soil and Water Conservation District